Lemke Saddle Services, Inc.

Welcome to Lemke Saddle Services, Inc.

If you are looking for excellent service with years of experience, you have come to the right place! We aim to help you and your horse  become more comfortable.

We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. We know that saddles affect muscles and if fitted badly can be a painful device for the horse along with plenty of other things.  Horses are such powerful and magnificent animals/friends with so many different things going on in their amazing bodies, even every square inch! Often times a chain reaction happens in their performance. So we strive to work as a team with the Owners, Horses, Riders, Trainers, Vets and Farriers!

We embrace a balance of  advanced technology along with time tested traditional  experience.   This historically perfected technique and the brilliant craftsmanship ends up working well for many horses & riders for better  balance and with the finest  high performance. 

Call us today for saddle fitting or saddle reflocking: 1-925-286-1434

We strive to put our customers first. We listen to you and try to help you and your horses find what you need. 

  • Industry Leading Products
  • Quick Turnaround with saddles in stock
  • Friendly and Approachable
  • 30 years of professional saddle fitting & business experience and much more equine experience!