Customer notes,










** “Good morning!  ?  I  love  my  saddle! ?  Thank  you so much for your kindness and knowledge!  I have never felt so one with my horse he’s so smooth and happy since the saddle purchase!  I learned so much during our saddle consult!  I’m so blessed that I was referred to you!  ? ?  Have a great week thanks again!!!”  J.C.



**Dearest Sheryl,

You  are  wonderful!   Thank  you  for  all  those  amazing  pics!   Sheryl,  I  am  so  grateful  for  your  skill  and  wisdom  – my  saddle  feels  super.  I’m  incredibly  happy.   Thank  you  for  making  the  trip  out  to  see  us.  Its  always  the  greatest  pleasure  to  see  and  learn  from  you!

My  warmest  wishes,





** Thanks  Sheryl  for  creating  the  perfect  fit  for  Franz  and  me!




**LOVE my Lemke.  Nothing else fits my tiny Connemara or my short legs!  The best saddle of my life!  B.G.




**Thank  you  for  all  the  FABULOUS  saddle,  rider  and  horse  work!  J




**Re:  Saddle,   Im  keeping  the  saddle.   You  will  have  to  pry  it  from  my  cold,  dead  hands!  🙂   I  love  it !   We  both  find  it  super  comfy!    I’d  still  like  to  find  a  jump  saddle. So  please  let  me  know  when  you’re  next  heading  down  this  way.  Thanks,  C



** I  would  trust  Sheryl’s  opinion  on  saddle  fit.  I  would  not  trust  a  trainer  or  vet  or  chiro’s  opinion  on  saddle  fit  over  that  of  a  trained  saddle  fitter.   Sheryl  is  highly  experienced  and  has  many  satisfied  customers.  I  know  a  bunch  of  her  satisfied  customers.




**Sheryl Lemke you are the best!  Your saddle is still going strong!  It has also felt just wonderful to ride in, the fit is magnificent.  Carol





**Good  Morning  Sheryl,

Just  wanted  to  thank  you  very,  very  much  for  coming!  You  are  amazing!!  Not  only  as  a  saddle  fitter  but  your  knowledge  of  anatomy,  biomechanics,  dressage  etc.  etc.  Do  I  wish  you  lived  closer!!   It  made  me  realize  how  much  I  miss  REAL,  CORRECT  dressage  instructions !!! 

Many  thanks  again.  You  are  welcome  to  stay  at  my  place  anytime!!!





** I  love  it,  it’s  absolutely  the  best  and  most  comfortable  saddle  I’ve  ever  sat  in!   Jen





** Hi  Sheryl,

We  all  so  enjoyed  meeting  you  and  are  sooooooo  excited  about  our  new  saddle  and  reflocked  saddles!  We  took  pictures  of  me  riding  with  my  old  saddle  and  then  under  your  Angel…  HOLY  COW  what  a  difference!   I  am  just  so  incredibly  thrilled  that  she  will  feel  comfortable  moving!

You’re  such  a  unique  and  special  soul  and  we  look  forward  to  staying  connected!  You  always  have  a  place  to  hang  your  hat  whenever  you’re  in  the  area!

Happy trails!



** I  had  no  idea  what  a  treasure  I’m  getting.  The  SDL  is  a  one  of  kind  saddle.  I  have  never  had  a  saddle  that  was  more  comfortable  and  better  made.

It  fits  my  horse  and  me  like  a  glove.   It  has  a  narrow  twist  which  I  love  and  the  deep  seat  lets  you  feel  your  horse’s  movements.  The  leg  position  on  this  saddle  is  like  none  other.   It  is  super  easy  to  keep  a  straight,  quiet  leg.

This  is  one  of  the  best  kept  secrets  in  saddles  out  there.  I’m  surprised  these  saddles  are  not  better  known.   I  highly  recommend  it  to  anyone  who  is  looking  for  a  dressage  saddle

Sheryl  will  customize  the  flocking  to  help  with  the  fit.  The  customer  service  for  SDL  is  personal  and  the  best  I  have  found  in  high  end  saddles.  You  will  love  this  saddle!




**Very  cool  saddle,   I’ve  found  that  the  piaffe  is  super  easy  now.  Half  steps  were  always  pretty  easy  but  I  had  a  really  hard  time  getting  of  his back enough and he had a hard time sitting and not pedestalling.  No longer :).   The  changes  are  what  impress me  the  most  though.  They have always been our hardest thing and  now  he  is  so  comfortable  that  he  offers  changes  easily  and  effortlessly.  We went from fighting our way through threes  to  easily  doing  10-15  3’s  on  a  line.   I was worried that he wouldn’t make it past 4th level, but it’s not a concern at the moment!




**There are saddles out there that WILL NOT HURT. Great saddles do exist! How did I find this perfect saddle, that will fit me in the leg and seat, allow me to perfectly communicate with my horse, AND (of course!) fit my horse, too? What ended up working for my pointy seat bones, and also fit my round barreled, low withered New Forest Pony is a 16.5″ Lemke Dressage Saddle (Angel Model). Softest, most comfy saddle ever (really!), and it helps my leg fall in a very correct position, while giving me nice support. I can sit his big bouncy extended gaits in this saddle.     “Now we Piaffe!”    The prices are pretty reasonable for the quality and they are the MOST comfortable saddles I have ever ridden in.  




** Thanks, Sheryl! AND, let me just say how intensely I LOVE my new saddle!!!!!!!!! I have struggled riding comfortably over the last year with a herniated/slipped disk in my back, and it’s really hampered my ability to ride. WHAT A DIFFERENCE the “Angel” saddle has made. I am NOT kidding! Nothing will alleviate the pain completely, but riding in this saddle is a completely different experience. You have made me one happy lady!!!! THANK YOU for being so dedicated to your work, designing such great saddles and the wonderful advice you gave me when you last visited. You are amazing!!!!!!




** Sheryl Lemke/ has an excellent saddle making business. Lemke Saddle Services offers pads and all her saddles, no matter what the type or discipline, are known for their fabulous quality and fit. Sheryl offers on-site service and ranch calls throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and clinics throughout the United States. Sheryl’s saddles are incredibly comfortable for the horse and rider. They are also very helpful for the rider’s position, effectiveness of aids, and for the horse’s freedom of movement.




** From the first moment I sat in this saddle, I loved it! I’ve ridden in lots of brands of dressage saddles (none in the VERY expensive – above $3500 – range, but lots of the mid-range to fairly expensive brands), and this one was by far the best at helping me sit correctly and stay with my horse’s motion. It has a deep seat and large thigh blocks – both of which I like, though I know some riders don’t. Whether I am in the arena schooling, or out on the trail relaxing, this is the saddle I want to ride. Now I’m spoiled, and nearly any other saddle is uncomfortable by comparison! I keep hoping to find another (less expensive) saddle that will fit my other horse but so far, nothing else has matched the Lemke for balance, security & comfort.




** Dear Sheryl,

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciated your knowledge and kindness. It was a please doing business with you.

Sincerely, Roxie




** We “love” our saddles! Hope you have a good year. Stay in touch. Mary




** Thanks for being so helpful in getting me my new saddle and getting it fitted! I’ll certainly continue to send customers your way. Happy Trails




** Dear Sheryl:

Thank you very much for all of your time and patience regarding my recent purchase of my dressage saddle. I have been enjoying it very much and the recent flocking job has helped lots!

Thank you again,






** I had a new Lemke Buffalo Deluxe dressage before my hips started giving me trouble and I had to switch to a close contact saddle for the shorter stirrups. It was wonderful, the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. They do hold you in place, so you have to like that type of saddle. But for the money, there is nothing better on the market, and I loved that saddle more than some much more expensive ones I tried. I normally ride in a 17.5. When I tried her saddles, I initially rode in 18s thinking the deeper seat would mean I needed a larger seat, but that turned out not to be the case. I ended up with a 17.5 with a low pommel a more open seat.

Depending on where you live, Sheryl can fit the saddle to your horse herself and she is the best.

The Horse P



** I rode in a Lemke Buffalo many years ago. Deep seat, comfy and run small. I normally road a 16.5 but could ride an 18 in this one without difficulty.

If the price is right and it fits your horse you can’t go wrong.




** I have had 3 saddles. Loved them all. They fit my different horses well, hold there value and are easy to sell. I find Sheryl herself to be a bit difficult, but she does a beautiful job.

 n m




** I would get Sheryl to look at a saddle fit. She is so good and no one will do a better job with her saddles.




** Sheryl is a great fitter, I would totally trust her too. She takes the time it takes to get a fit right, not like some other fitters that a quick stuff here and there and they are done. I have a saddle on order with her I can’t wait to get. 




** Sheryl knows what she is doing.


** I’ve known Sheryl for 20 + years and have in the last 8 years bought two saddles from her, for two radically different horses. My riding Shire, and my Andalusian cross. My saddles fit well, both me and the horses, they are happy, I am happy. I got good deals from her on the saddles, I could not be happeir.



** Sheryl is Great. Sheryl is an active rider/horse owner since childhood. She does great work!


** I have short backed Arabs and before I met Sheryl, never had a saddle that fit properly. Have several Lemke dressage saddles – and they fit both me and the horses extremely well. She can be hard to get an appointment with, but is in the bay area regularly.



** Sheryl Lemke has a lot of saddles that you might be able to afford.



** Thank  you  for  my  amazing  new  Lemke  saddle.  My  Friend  and I  both  ride in  these  Dream  saddles.  The  proof  is  in  the  pudding.  From  a  narrow  16.2 hand  Quarter  horse  to  a 16.3 hand  Andalusian.  Free up  those  shoulders  and  get  the  scores””!       C.H. 




** Love my Lemke magic saddle!  Kris



** I LOVE OUR saddle pad 🙂 and our

Lemke Angle saddle its the best ride!  L.V. S



** I Love my Lemke Angle saddle!  M.B.



** It’s unanimous, Absolutely love my Lemke saddle too!!!! Best ever.

  F. L.



** We love your saddles at our barn!  M.H.



** LOVE my pad! Kris



** I rode in “MY” saddle today and  LOVED  LOVED  LOVED it!!!! Even more than I’d imagined I would! So comfortable and so solid and my horse was steady and willing! I am just thrilled and so very grateful to have met you and your talent! I also used the new pad and it looked and felt great! So if you have another to spare I’d be interested in buying another. And I’d also like to buy one of your square show pads when you get them.



** LOVE!!!!!! The Saddle pads!!!! J J   M. G.



** Hi Sheryl,

The saddle is working out, my horse is doing better. Thank you so much for your expertise on fitting the saddle to her and all of your advice. I will keep in touch.

Wishing you all the best in your business.




** Hi Sheryl,
Rode in the saddle and it feels great! My horse was such a good boy as well – My trainer is now starting to do Half Steps!




**I still ride every day in my Lemke. I love it!  And all my clients love your saddles as well!  C.L.




** Thank you! And thank you SO much for making the time to come out and see me! I am so excited about my new saddle!



** Total balance! We love this  Lemke <3 <3 <3  Could of sold my saddle many times!! Treasure. <3  everyone that’s sat in it wants it! <3 




***My 23 years young Lemke saddle! Of all my saddles (have/had) -nothing is more comfy for the horses back with great shoulder freedom with total balance for the rider! 




** Beautiful saddle!!




** I have been so incredibly happy with the Lemke saddles! I had one already for Agosto (our PRE stallion), and loved it so much, I just bought one for our Friesian cross mare. She’s competing at regionals, and the saddle has really helped her keep her back up and be free in her movement. Same goes for Agosto!!!! I am only an advocate for something when I think it is TRULY outstanding. My mare (who has a ton of suspension), I’ve struggled to ride her comfortably, and the Lemke saddle has made all the difference! I am so, so happy with my Lemke saddles, and I’ve tried just about every brand under the sun – ha!

W. Feller 


** Beautiful saddle!



**  Saddle is super comfortable and like sitting on a couch!  Great for your horses back! This saddle is extremely rare, a very secret treasure in the saddle world! 



** A friend of mine bought a Lemke for her aged, swaybacked QH, on the recommendation of W. Westphal, a wonderful and knowledgeable saddle fitter. The saddle was perfect for her horse. It was an older model, maybe late 90s? Serious gussets and very well-made. That’s the only one I’ve come across.




** Hi, Sheryl:

Thank you again for the saddle fitting, and for finding the perfect saddle for Theo. I LOVE that used consignment saddle and really appreciate that you suggested it for us even though it meant that we wouldn’t buy one of your own beautiful, new saddles. I’m so glad that you had such a nice selection of used saddles to choose from, too. Let me know when you are coming back around to the LA area, we can think about refitting the other saddle for my other horse.





** Thank you, Sheryl Lemke, friend and saddle maker extraordinaire.

Sheryl realized that reflocking and fitting my Lemke SDL saddle was high on my list of wants but low on my list of spending priorities as we prepare for our big move across the world. This afternoon she drove over an hour each way to come and fit and reflock my saddle as a wonderful parting gift. My horse and I love our Lemke saddle!!

I will miss you Sheryl. you are welcome in our home and life any time.




** I love my Lemke.  I went through several issues (extreme discomfort and just godawful body position) when I got my youngster several years ago. The switch to the Lemke made all the difference for me. You can email Sheryl, .  She’s very helpful and knowlegeable-even about other saddles.




**We LOVE our Lemke saddles, and could never say enough good things about the comfort, fit and did I mention comfort (?) of Sheryl’s saddles! I will not ride in ANYTHING else! Horses love them, too!






**Hey Sheryl-thank you so much for doing my saddle!! Btw saddle feels great! Hugs M



**Hey! So I LOVE this saddle. He moved really well in it and seemed much freer than normal. In the collected work the seat puts me in the perfect position. My horse has improved dramatically just in the last week. Just to be sure I put the (other brand) saddle back on him one day. He spit the bit and ran off while crow hopping. So we both agree that the Lemke  is fabulous.  I’ve found that the piaffe is super easy now. Half steps were always pretty easy but I had a really hard time getting off his back enough and he had a hard time sitting and not pedestaling. No longer :). The changes are what impress me the most though. They have always been our hardest thing and now he is so comfortable that he offers changes easily and effortlessly. We went from fighting our way through threes to easily doing 10-15  3’s on a line.  Its amazing. I was worried that he wouldn’t make it past 4th level, but it’s not a concern at the moment!  I love it, its absolutely the best and most comfortable saddle I’ve ever sat in 🙂       Thanks so much for your patience!    I appreciate it 🙂   J.S.



** SDL Lemke dressage saddle, I love this saddle, it is my favorite over 4 other big name dressage saddles I have owned. Most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. Annually I only have Sheryl Lemke  check and reflock my saddle. D.S



** You are the best I have worked with, we swear by your saddles. C.T.



** Dear Sheryl,

Always so good to see you And chat. Thanks again for a great day (and a perfect saddle) fit.

Hugs P