If you love horses & love to ride then you know you both need to be comfortable.   With over 40 + years of equine experience call for an appointment with Sheryl Lemke who has the eyes and hands of experience!  Get options for you &  your horse to pick from in hopes to become much more comfortable, balanced for better performance.










Saddle Fitting for horse & rider   is best done in person but if you live far away contact us about best  photos, tracings & or video. Every horse & rider  has different wants, needs and challenges this is why we strive to give you options to pick from. 
















Horse Photos

The photos that we like to see are when the horse is standing square and straight in a training level head position. Also if anything might be odd like right side & hip is much higher or a muscle bulges out please try to capture it to show.

1.  A side shot of full body

2.  A photo looking from left shoulder toward opposite hip. Think of drawing an X in the middle of the horse. Goal is to show the horses current curves.

3. A photo looking from other hip towards opposite shoulder. I would like to see the curves on the left side of horse and also the right side of the horse.

4. A photo just 1″ over rump looking straight to withers. Like you can take a line/tape from the withers to the top of croup. 

5. An action shot is always nice to see

6. A side shot of the rider sitting on the horse with fitted clothing.

7. Depending on what you want us to see please send anything else that you think might be helpful. Like possibly looking at the front tree point/pommel area with shoulder if you have a saddle.??


Right shoulder looking towards Left hip


a rear shot with camera only about 1″ over rump



Left shoulder looking towards Right hip.







Check fit












A full side shot with or without tack



































Saddle Reflocking, Custom Fitting; This is such a delicate matter that Sheryl Lemke prefers to do all the reflocking work her self since we have seen so many others distort and ruin the saddles and horses well being & comfort.   Lemke Saddle Services has not authorized or endorse  anyone else to reflock  SDL  saddles!

 The rider should check the saddle often since we have seen that  Horses can fluctuate in weight and or size greatly just like some people can.  

 If you do not have a SDL/Lemke saddle but still prefer to have us  work on your “other brand” we will be happy to do so with the same top quality and expertise.  Though if we think the saddle may still be ill fitting or something is wrong… then we have a right to decline and or tell you so you can decide. 





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Trial Policy – Saddle Checkout for Lemke Saddle Services, Inc.

Sheryl Lemke has been riding her entire life and understands a horse and riders need for comfort! Everyone has their own different needs and wants, this is why we highly recommend test riding for a week any saddles before purchasing! Spend this time getting to know the feel and comfort to see if it is right for you and your horse. Feel free to take some lessons in it and have your trainer, coach, doctor and vet evaluate the saddle, horse and your position. Make sure the balance for your horse and you is what you want  for your particular needs before purchasing.

After picking out your favorite saddle,  to keep it for a week trial   you need to  write a check for full payment for us to hold.  Once your  traditional week trial is up,  you will need to return the saddle in same like condition as you received it, if not planning to purchase. Once the saddle is returned safely, your saddle check will be returned or destroyed.

Shipping; the customer is responsible for full payment & insurance to and from and this is non-refundable! Packages should never be left unattended! Until they are in transit, they are not insured and are the full responsibility of the customer.

When returning the saddle please email and or call prior to shipping to make sure we are not on the road. If you have questions and want to try a different size or style please take notes and photos of horse and rider so we can try to see what might be better to try.

The customer has 7 days upon receipt of the saddle to determine whether or not he or she is keeping the saddle and if it is right for them and their current needs. The seven day trial begins the day you receive the saddle via pick up or the day it arrives to you or at your shipping address if shipped, not the day it mails. By the seventh day, you must provide us with a tracking # if the saddle is shipping back, or have the saddle physically back to us if you are hand delivering. This means you have a full seven day trial to test the saddle and evaluate the fit for you and your horse after this, all sales are final.  There is no saddle fit warranty of any kind to horse and or rider because horses and riders can change in size so quickly.  Therefore, fully inspect and test ride the saddle for the trial period.  If you are not fully satisfied with the saddle return it in new condition.

The customers check will be deposited if the saddle is not returned and we were not notified with a tracking # in the time specified (shipping time [when applicable] plus seven days). Any saddle returned just after the week trial period will be eligible for an in Lemke Saddle Services, Inc. credit only. If the saddle is not returned in the same condition that it left, there will be additional charges.





On new saddles we ask that you clean and condition your leathers or wrap your stirrup leathers with tube socks or another soft material, please no vetrap!
Never use a hoof pick or tool to put on leathers since you can break the stirrup bars this way! If you have questions call.
Saddles returned with excessive wear are subject to usage surcharges.


The same rules as for new saddles apply to demo saddles.


If it is a used saddle please take caution as it must be returned in the same shape as it left us or there will be a surcharge for damages. We understand that the saddles will be girthed and expect to see billet marks.


Any saddle returned with excessive wear on the flaps, scratches in the leather or dings in the pommel, cantle or elsewhere will automatically be assessed a minimal 10% surcharge of the saddle value.





Leather Care


To  quickly clean your saddle, all is normally needed is a quick wipe over the tack with a damp sponge or clean cloth then leave to dry naturally out of the sun.

Then  treat with a good quality leather care cream or balsam conditioner sparingly to both sides of the leather.  When fully dry you may take a very soft clean brush and buff.  Always clean stirrup leathers at the same time as the saddle. Hard or untreated stirrup leathers can damage saddle flaps.

It is important to treat your saddle with a good quality leather care cream or balsam conditioner when needed.  Leather can be tanned differently so finding out what you leather needs for longest life is important. 


Different types of climate, altitude and different types of leather can require different types of care as well, so check first!


Leather Damage

Avoid using saddle soaps, solvents and oils as these may strip the leather of its natural waxes and grease.

I personally do not like leather care products with Tea Tree Oil & or Eucalyptus in it as I find it is too harsh on Lemke Saddles.

Sweat from the horse & some riders can do a lot of damage to leather that is why I like using a thicker pad between the horse and the saddle such as a good sheepskin to help absorb the sweat and horses like it for the comfort.  Also never  store your girth over the top of the seat since the sweat from the girth lays against the seat, drying out the seat leather.

Sun does bleach leather and makes it extra dry.

The majority of leather damage can be caused by misuse and or incorrect care of the leather equipment.  Riders allowing the leather to become very dry and brittle either from drying wet leather near a heat source or by not cleaning and conditioning it sufficiently or maybe simply by the hot sun.  In addition, an equal number of users over oil the leather and this can even destroy it faster breaking down the leather fiber!  These common mistakes result in a radical change in the fibrous structure of the leather and weakening it.

For show results a simple product (with a shoe polish type texture) that contains only a combination of natural fats, oils and beeswax ingredients is best.




























Sheryl Lemke out test riding another new saddle













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