Dressage, black sheepskin saddle pad

Dressage size, black pad with medical sheepskin











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I love to wash/rinse my horse well before work for many different reasons, besides it helps keep the pads clean. However depending on what area you are in the world and in different types of climate here are the sheepskin care instructions when needed.


Wool fleece is a natural fiber and resists soiling, this simplifying cleaning. In most cases spot cleaning in place with warm water and mild soap is all that is needed. 


*Hand wash in cool to luke warm water, using a mild soap designed for Sheepskin and Leather.

 *Rinse thoroughly with cool water and gently remove the excess water.

 *Dry naturally without using direct heat or sun. Stretch the skin lightly during drying to prevent shrinkage.

 *When dry, you can brush up fleece with a coarse pet brush to restore.

 *Brush and vacuum at least once a month.

or  you can find a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning Leather.