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Consignment, Used & Clearance  Saddles 



* used CWD jumping saddle 17″, Med tree, $2695.00

CWD used jumping saddle

CWD used jumping saddle

























17.5″ #3 tree with shoulder room, narrow twist















* Albion Dressage saddle 17.5" Med/Narrow Tree $950.00

* Albion Dressage saddle 17.5″ Med/Narrow Tree $695.00
















Lemke Euro, short flaps, 18″, #4 tree for a flat back horse $1,400.00













Close Contact dressage 18″, #3 tree $1,400.00
















17.5″ #4 tree $2,500.00














18″, M/W tree $450.00















Used, Jaguar Dressage, 17.5″, XW tree $695.00



































*SDL Q Aura, Dressage 17.5″, Narrow/Med tree, black $1,295.00 “AS IS”







SDL   Hunt  saddle, Brown Buffalo leather,  18″, Med tree $1,495.00













* Demo, Lemke Euro dressage, 17.5″, 3 tree  $2,000.00







New on clearance, K.B. jump saddle 17″, Med tree, brown, $995.00, (see below saddle on clearance)

KB jumping saddle

KB Jump saddle 17″, Med Tree, brown













*SDL Q dressage saddle 17.5, Narrow #2 tree with an extra riser in rear. Firmer seat and leather then the traditional Lemke extra soft saddles but still a great saddle for the price and if you need a narrow tree with an extra lift!   Only $995.00 







* SDL jumping saddle 17.5″, 4 tree, flat panels, light brown, $1995.00 

















USED * Dressage, Lemke Buffalo Deluxe  18.5″,  X-wide tree  $2,500.00







*Dressage, SDL Q dressage saddle w/long flaps 19″, 3 Tree $1400.00 














**Used Western saddle 15.5 seat, Semi tree



**Endurance saddle






Used Dressage Bridles

1. Black Padded Dressage horse size Bridle with reins & bit 

1. Black Padded Dressage horse size Bridle with reins, bit & bridle bag

1. Double Bridle horse size dressage, black with bits, reins & bridle bag




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** All Sale, Consignment, Used & Clearance Saddles are sold “AS IS”, No Warranty of any kind!  However you do have a week trial to test ride and inspect the saddle.